Monday, May 10, 2010

parents got me a new sleeping bag and i fit inside finally
hey people ..... haven't benn posten for a while . my bad if you guys followed pics to come soon

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Welcome to CAP. What is CAP, you ask? It stands for Civil Air Patrol. I am thinking about joining this summer. We look for down planes, missing people, march in parades, and wear army clothes. No kidding. I even get to fly a plane and glider 5 times. The best news is,...ready for it,... it is only 35 dollars. and I can stay in until I am 21. This takes place in West Mifflin at the Allegheny county airport. This is a lot of work though. Kinda like school. We take tests and sit in a classroom. There is a meeting every Tuesday night.Sorry to burst but you can only join if you are 12 years old and up.
We went to a park in monroeville, to participate in home school baseball. The kid on first and me were trash talking to each other the whole time. It was extremely muddy. First base is supposed to be in the middle of that huge puddle. HOME RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hit the ball every time I was up. Concluding I was one of the oldest kids there.But remember the field made hitting hard. This time I hit the ball through the shortstop's legs.
I do not regularly run like this . It is just that the field was so muddy, that getting a grip was impossible with the puddles. on this play, I managed to score home with a RBI. Where was the ball, you ask? Simple. At the front of the plate. HA-HA.


I do not like winnie the pooh!!!!!!!!!! So don't ask. Jordan had a really early baseball game and it was really cold. I was so dumb, I wore shorts! I ask Mom for a blanket during the game. This was the only one we had.